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Why choose Wooten Law Office?  A Law Firm with over 30 years of legal practice experience.

Our firm is licensed to practice law in the state courts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas, federal courts in Tennessee, Missouri, Texas and Arkansas and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Due to our wide-ranging legal services and experience, our firm represents individuals, small businesses, large corporate clients, franchises, entertainers, athletes, celebrities and social influencers all over the globe!  


Wooten Law Office has received national recognition for our legal efforts

Practice Areas

Knowledgeable Attorneys
Our attorneys are the best around who highly skilled
A lot of Experience
We had 20 years of experience in handling tough cases
Quick & Positive Result
We reached success in even complex litigation cases
Affordable Fees
Clients will be receive the best services at a reasonable fee
Good Reputation
We are a well-known law firm in 50 nations and territories
Free Consultation
You will receive consultancy without paying any fee
Good Resources
We have a huge resource of database and document
Talent Leaders
Our leaders are famous for dealing with complex cases