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Sports Law

Sports Law

From endorsement deals to sponsorship and licensing agreements to reviewing and advising on athlete/team contracts, Wooten Law Office has experience negotiating, advising, drafting, and reviewing both major and small business deals for athletes, teams and companies seeking endorsements or licensing deals.

Wooten Law Office also covers the broad area of sports-related legal issues including…

  • Trademarks
  • Contracts
  • NegotiationsEndorsements/ Sponsorship/ Licenses
  • Brand Management

…for all aspects of the sports and entertainment industry including athletes, teams, leagues, small businesses and companies.

We cover
Sports Law
Providing legal expertise and guidance to business transactions, our law firm ensures that deals are structured appropriately, contracts are sound, and legal risks are mitigated.
Breach of Contract
In the event of a breach of contract, we can assist with the initial assessment, negotiation, and pursuing legal remedies if necessary.
Incorporation & Joint Ventures
Providing ongoing guidance and support, our law firm facilitates the smooth and legally sound establishment of businesses through incorporation. Furthermore, our legal professionals assist in structuring collaborations, drafting agreements, conducting due diligence, and resolving disputes in joint ventures.
Small Business Counseling
Our law office can provide valuable assistance to small businesses in various aspects of their operations.