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Wills and Probating Estates

Wills and Probating Estates

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you have our condolences. We know it can be difficult to deal with the legalities of wrapping up someone’s affairs while you are still mourning that person’s death. The Probate and Estate process does not have to be an intimidating and confusing. Mr. Wooten has represented all sizes of estates from multi-million dollar estates to simple property transfers after the death of a loved one.  Mr. Wooten has experience assisting estates with large tracts of land and numerous valuable assets and can help the Executor/ Executrix liquidate and maximize the value of the beneficiaries’ inheritance.  The Wooten Law Office stands ready to assist you, your family and the beneficiaries during your time of need.

Areas of Practice in Probate and Estate:

-preparing wills, living wills and powers of attorney

-opening and closing estates

-working with executors and executrixes

-maximizing estate values

-liquidating estate assets through private sales, auctions, estate sales and asset


-Finding, hiring and working with numerous experts to value estate property and assets

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Wills and Probating Estates
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